This site is a guide to sailing in the Baltic. It covers the travels of Kissen, a Hallberg-Rassy 36, which has spent the last 5 years or so slowly crawling round the flesh-pots, sorry, beautiful locations of the Baltic Sea. Kissen has now been based in the Baltic for 8 years. We only went for a couple! It was only last year (2010) that we can finally say that we have managed to visit every country in the Baltic at least once.

This site contains the logs for our first few years. We've left it because it contains our first impressions, always important, but in truth, the Baltic changes only slowly, and most of the information here is still relevant. We correct errors where we know them to be wrong. You can read our logs from 2003 until 2006 written as they happen. We've also been to Norway, Poland and some other countries, but that material has yet to be written (sigh).

We've also put together sections on our favorite countries. Each section has a clickable map leading to a page on our impressions of the various towns and harbours we visited. Note that you wont find navigation information here - just frank impressions of places worth going to (or not..). You will find links to other places that have the details.

We also have a section on How to get to the Baltic from the UK.

Finally, there are reviews of available Guides, Pilot Books and Charts. We also have sections on how to get Weather Information when you're in the region, and a bit about Communications.

If you want more up to date information, join the Cruising Association's Baltic Section. This now has over 500 members who share their experiences. The CA runs a very successful Baltic Seminar in London every spring at which we are regular speakers. In the meantime, have a look round and enjoy yourself. Most of the photos can be seen in a larger format just by clicking on them.

Let us know what you like and dont like. Any errors you see please let us know - but we reserve the right to keep our views!

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